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GTA Parodija

GTA Parodija
Kad pārāk dzīvīgi sākam spēlēt...

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ang's blocking to dismantle, cover can not jilt to open him which afraid in a short while.Attach medium trump card core, take the offensive of motor so drive abruptly of to choke to put out to turn off.Without core the player combs and attaches medium aggression disorder but lacks an efficiency.Along with time less and less, anxious and fretfully attach medium the player more and more can not bear heart to match with and take the offensive simple rush to make moves.The aggression like this certainly can't threaten too greatly, the Yan rushes existence to let Jing Ling a medium of defend a plank to get assurance.Grasp a plank rapid counter-attack, in a row two successful after, compete of the general situation settled down. When judge a whistle to blow ring of time, score settle space at 99:97, two centses of advantage is good enough to ensure Jing Ling a win the victory of game. Jing Ling a medium fulfill a wish of acquired their first victory.The whistle rings out of moment, substitute to repair at table public on jumping but rising, hurtle into ground acclaim to hug to each other, imitate a Buddha, they just what to acquire was the victory of national big match finals, the happy Teng of an excitement write.But attach medium player's a Da to pull head, abashed respond to grandstand last audiences at the title of vision. Two coaches start to right against the face come over here and stretch out right hand to hold together. "Thank bore senior to mutually let, the member of team who competes us the ba

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